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Welcome to ArneoStyle's Assassin's Creed Server!
On our server, we can guarantee a good time. We have custom plugins, a great community and exciting & addicting gamemode that are fun to us. We are always improving our server, adding more features based around your feedback! You are what make us what we are today. Thank you!

We are a Minecraft PvP Server with Assassin's Creed theme.
You wont lose any items when you die.
You earn money from killing people & selling Gold Ingots that you can collect from chests that are scattered around the map (they refill every 30 min).
You can use your money to buy stuff at the shops & to upgrade your weapons & armour.

Free-for-all styled PvP is the majority of the server.
Go solo or team up with your friends in an open-world Assassin's Creed parkour environment.

Chests are scattered around the map with gold.
Get the golds and exchange them to money.
Every 30 min they restock.

We have a virtual / physical economy using gold.
Buy with money you obtain from chests or players.
The spawn is PvP free and contains an ender chest for you to store your items.

Special Abilities:
Using a Lift: To use a lift you right click the tripwire hook on the wall.
Leap of Faith: To do a leap of faith you have to land on hay bale.
Using a Roll: Hold shift while landing to decrease fall damage, the higher your level, the less fall damage.

For any questions you can email us